What is “Modern Victorian?” I’m not exactly sure, but when I thought about doing a “Modern Victorian” shoot I decided not to look at what it actually was, just style it the way that I saw it in my head. Pearls, short lace dresses, tea, and intense makeup. I wanted to also steer away from the big, old style victorian dresses and go with something a little more now I guess I would say. Oh and the duck?…Well it’s a duck… everyone should have a brass duck.

I want to give a big shoutout to Emily and Asia. They were totally in element the whole shoot while getting eaten alive by mosquitos! We couldn’t have done it without their awesome attitudes! Also, shoutout to my sister from Wrist Deco for again providing the jewelry you see in the shoot!

Styling: Team MAIIGO

Makeup and Hair: Carlyn Finke

Jewelry: Wrist Deco

Dresses: ASOS

Models: Emily Booker & Asia Lane Latt